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Workers Compensation is Assurance for Employer & Employee Alike

You never know when an employee may become injured on the job. If you don’t have proper worker’s compensation coverage, your business could be at stake. Many business owners believe they can simply get the coverage as soon as an employee gets hurt, but that is untrue. You need workers compensation coverage ahead of time to cover an injured employee’s medical and financial needs if an accident occurs.

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Understanding Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance protects business owners from having to pay for an employee’s injuries when an accident happens. The insurance company is held responsible for the costs when a business owners has a workers compensation policy. With a workers compensation policy in Naples, you can breathe easier knowing you are not going to have to pay thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical bills and lost wages.

Workers Compensation Coverage

Workers compensation covers three common consequences of an employee’s injuries:

  • Lost payments due to the injury
  • Medical costs from healthcare facilities
  • Rehabilitation expenses

The Best Time to Have Workers Compensation

Many business owners argue they are not required to have workers compensation. Ardent Insurance & Risk Management encourages every business owner to have this type of coverage. You never know when something will happen, and if you don’t this is protection, you could end up losing a lot of money - much more than what you’ll end up paying for the premiums.

If you’re looking for more information about Workers Compensation in Florida or would like to file a Workers Compensation Exemption, visit Florida’s Workers Compensation website here.

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