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We are AgentOwned and there is a difference between an Agent who takes the responsibility of ownership vs working for someone. Our Innovative AgentOwned partnering structure provide us the capacity to have insurance consultants who own their business and put their “heart and soul” into being successful entrepreneurs. This provides you an Agent who can take the extra time in caring for your insurance & risk management needs. See how Ardent AgentOwned can make a difference.

SouthWest Region

SouthEast Region

david marsh ardent insurance

David Marsh

David was born and raised in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago Illinois. David moved to Naples Florida in 2005 to attend Hodges University where he studied Hospitality Business Management. During his Internship with Northwestern Mutual, David was introduced to the Insurance Business and found his niche in life. He found out that he is very passionate about helping people protect and insure what’s most important to them.

After College, he followed an opportunity and moved to Columbus Ohio where he specialized in Commercial Business Insurance. After four years, David relocated back to Southwest Florida. He has been in the insurance industry since 2010 and has an extensive background in Personal and Commercial lines Insurance.

In his personal time, David loves spending time outside with his Black Lab “Jordan”. He also enjoys playing golf and is a Corvette enthusiast.

Stephanie fortune ardent

Stephanie Fortune

Stephanie Fortune was born and raised in South Florida. She is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University where she studied business management and law. During her time studying, she found her calling of empowering businesses to create internal cultures conducive of the business and its employees achieving their goals.

Stephanie helps business owners to create the right culture, and provides the necessary tools to do so from payroll and health benefits solutions to commercial insurance coverage’s. She is passionate and eager to help business owners improve their culture and bottom line.

Stephanie loves to give back! She is a Board member for Handy Inc, Alumni Committee Chair, as well as a Board Liaison for the MagicWaste Youth Foundation in Miami. All of which focus on the development and empowering of underprivileged youth! She is the Workshop Chair of MEB; whose mission is to empower young professionals to actualize their full potential. She enjoys pumping iron and living a healthy life (most days), empowering others, reading, and beating her husband in tennis! (71)

Denise Thompson

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