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Ardent Inland Marine Insurance: Cargo Coverage for Business

Businesses owners have an important responsibility when it comes to owning equipment that requires regular moving. Lacking coverage when transporting business-related tools, equipment, or property could result in a lot of money lost if damage or loss occurs. Basic marine insurance policies may not contain this coverage, and it’s up to the business owner to seek supplemental insurance.

Seal the Gaps with Ardent Inland Marine Insurance

Ardent Insurance & Risk Management specializes in helping businesses fill the shortfalls with an inland marine insurance policy.

This type of insurance is called cargo insurance. It provides business owners with enhanced confidence because the worry of having proper insurance is no longer an issue.

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What Does Ardent Inland Marine Insurance Cover?

Ardent Inland Marine Insurance covers the following:

  • Machinery contractors may use
  • Equipment installed at customers’ homes and the business
  • Photography
  • Musical instruments
  • Fine art
  • Equipment that helps with servicing, installing or repairing
  • Vending machines
  • Goods and equipments sent or received with carriers
  • Customer property that is transported
  • One-trip coverage
  • Veterinarian services and animal travelling
  • Cell towers communication
  • Billboards

For a Free Quote on Inland Marine Insurance, Contact Ardent Insurance & Risk Management

Don’t risk the security you can feel with adequate coverage from Ardent Insurance & Risk Management. If you’re ready to partner with an independent insurance group that truly cares about you and your business’s welfare, call Ardent Insurance & Risk Management now at (239) 919-3916 or complete the form for a free inland marine insurance quote.

Ardent Insurance & Risk Management: Insuring with a passion for proper coverage.

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