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Ardent Commercial Umbrella Insurance: The Missing Piece of Your Business Coverage?

As a small business owner, do you ever wonder if your small business insurance includes all of the coverage you need for complete protection? If you’ve ever felt like you may be missing something, you should run with that hunch because most business owners that contact one of our independent insurance agents find out that they were missing essential coverage in their policy.

The good news is that most business owners can fill the gaps in coverage with Ardent Insurance & Risk Management’s commercial umbrella insurance.

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The Problem with General Liability Insurance

The consequences of not having adequate coverage could put your business at jeopardy. If a customer or employee becomes injured on your property, you may end up responsible for the medical bills and other financial effects that comes from that injury. Anyone who has been in this situation can tell you that it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, which can quickly deplete a business’ finances.

Ardent Umbrella Liability Insurance: Extra Coverage When Accidents Happen

While general liability insurance is a good decision for a small business owner, it’s not enough in most cases. This is why a supplemental option, such as commercial umbrella insurance can help.
With umbrella liability insurance, business owners not only have the coverage from their general liability insurance, but they have additional coverage to cover any expenses that go above what that first policy won’t cover.
Peace of mind can feel so good, and that’s what umbrella liability insurance provides our customers. We truly care about small business owners and want to help them continue to succeed with protection that will help them through any challenges that may arise.

For a Free Quote on Commercial Umbrella Insurance, Contact Ardent Insurance & Risk Management

Learn more about umbrella liability insurance and if it’s something that could help you in case of an unfortunate accident on your property. Our Florida commercial insurance group has local independent insurance agents in Naples ready to help you. Call us now at (239) 919-3916to speak to someone or complete the form on our Contact Us page for a free online commercial umbrella insurance quote.

We can’t wait to get your business covered in Naples-on-the-Gulf!

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