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Add Coverage with Small Business Package Insurance from Ardent Insurance & Risk Management

Are all of your assets protected? If you’re like most business owners, you probably don’t really know. The good news is that at Ardent Insurance & Risk Management, we work with people like you every day to help them protect their assets fully. No matter if you operate a small or medium-sized business, we have the commercial liability insurance coverage you need, which is called a Business Owner’s Policy, or BOP.

What is Small Business Package Insurance?

This type of insurance is specifically for small businesses, and it’s a commercial insurance policy that covers property insurance and commercial general liability insurance. Most small business business owners choose this type of package because it costs them less money.

Actually, BOPs can save business owners a lot of money without having to take the risks of not being covered. It’s the best way to protect a business’ assets AND save money.

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Ardent Insurance & Risk Management Helps You Plan Ahead with Small Business Package Insurance

We understand you need complete business protection for your assets, and most policies simply do not contain exactly what you need. Policies need to be personalized according to what a business needs, and not all businesses need the same things. This is why at Ardent Insurance & Risk Management, we take the time needed to understand what needs to be covered, and provide that coverage.

When working with an independent insurance agent at Ardent Insurance & Risk Management, you have someone who is in your corner who understand how the insurance world works. This way you don’t have to worry about possibly not having the protection you need. Instead, you can breathe a sigh of relief you’re completely coverage in case of an unfortunate situation.

For a Free Quote on Small Business Package Insurance, Contact Ardent Insurance & Risk Management

For a free quote for a BOP, contact Ardent Insurance & Risk Management now at (239) 919-33916. We are the preferred Naples-on-the-Gulf business insurance company, and many businesses have already partnered with our Florida commercial insurance. Call us or complete the form on our Contact Us page for a free BOP insurance quote.

Ardent Insurance & Risk Management: Passionate for proper coverage

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