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We are Naples Most Preferred and Trusted Insurance Agency


How does that benefit you?

As an Owner of a business or home you put your “heart and soul” into making sure everything is right.  Our Agents are Owners and feel the same way.   Agent Owned is an innovative method where the Agent/Advisor owns their business while utilizing Ardent Insurance & Risk Management vast insurance resource.

Personal Insurance

We are committing to protecting your personal assets. Whether you need coverage for your vehicle, home, or property, we will customize a policy according to your needs.

Business Insurance

We protect your business as if it was our own. We perform a commercial risk assessment to identify the best solutions to mitigate threats. Our commercial insurance and risk management services provide the assurance needs to operate a successful business.

Risk Management

From compliance to communication, allow us to manage the challenges businesses face today providing you peace of mind and opportunity to focus on what matters - operating and growing your business.

Value of Local Insurance Agents

Choosing a Naples insurance agent has many benefits. The following helps you understand why most people choose our insurance group.

We educate our clients on their coverage for greater understanding about their protection
Our insurance plans are priced competitively
Local insurance agents mean you can reach us for prompt answers to questions and/or concerns
We have the knowledge, skills, and tools to reduce risk and decrease long term insurance premiums
We truly care about you, your business, and future
Our insurance agents stand tall in the face of challenges and risks to advocate and protect

Ardent Insurance & Risk Management is Agent Owned

Ardent Insurance & Risk Management is made up of local insurance agents in Naples, FL. Each of of our agents has the skills, experience, and knowledge to customize personal and commercial insurance policies based on individual needs. Request an insurance quote from one of our local independent insurance agents now.

A Passion for Educating Clients

At Ardent Insurance & Risk Management, we believe in the power of knowledge. We believe in the power of relationships, too. Strong insurance relationships start with knowledgeable clients making informed coverage decisions. We are committed to empowering each policyholder with the information he/she needs to make educated coverage choices.

A Passion for Claims Advocacy

Although we're proud of our numerous insurance relationships, we DO NOT work for an insurance company. We work for you--period. When you file a claim, we'll be there to help every possible way, advocating on your behalf to ensure fair, prompt payment and service.

A Passion for Honesty in Coverage

At Ardent Insurance & Risk Management, we don't want to be just your insurance provider. We hope to develop a strong, long-term partnership with you and your family, delivering comprehensive insurance solutions today and well beyond tomorrow. Through in-depth questioning we seek to provide the right coverages for your specific needs.

A Passion for Risk Management

We work with our business partners through a Risk Management strategy. This means that delivering comprehensive policies at competitive pricing is merely the beginning. To help reduce your long-term insurance costs, we'll work with you throughout the relationship to continually assess, address, and minimize risks.

A Passion for Quality Coverage

At Ardent Insurance & Risk Management, 'quality' isn't merely a measure of a policy's breadth and value. Our agents also measure quality through the utility you place in your relationship with us and through our excellence of service: Knowing you can count on us is 'quality' the Ardent Insurance & Risk Management way.

A Passion for Insurance Competition

Ardent Insurance & Risk Management agents share a complete commitment to finding the most comprehensive coverages possible for each client at the most affordable pricing to be found.

Want to Request a Quote? Questions?

Send us a message! complete the form on our Contact Us page and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible.

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